Microwave synthesis of carbon titanium nitride Results and discussion(4)

Obviously, the overall effect of the above is the thermodynamics and kinetics of the synthetic TiN and TiC reaction rate and production rate is closer, especially # 2 ingredients such effect some more obvious: since 2 # ingredient fine particles, reaction high activity in the synthesis of TiN or TiC when all is complete synthesis reaction at relatively close to their lowest respective thermodynamic equilibrium temperature lower temperature, thus changing the thermal, dynamic conditions of 2 # ingredient synthesis reaction of TiN relatively large, so that at 1200 ℃ x lOmin by low temperature synthesis, synthesis of TiN and TiC have relatively closer to the speed of response, and basically achieve than TiN and TiC generation rate of close to 1: 1, and The reaction was carried out more completely.When the temperature rises to 1300 ℃ after x lOmin synthesis, from the point of view of thermodynamics,

The shift towards TiN TiC reaction ((3), still can undertake, and reaction temperature increase at the same time also make the particle energy increase, increase in the number of effective collision N2 gas molecules, namely the increase of reaction dynamics factors and make the shift reaction speed is increased, resulting in the synthesis of Ti (Cx, N1-x) solid solution in the x value becomes smaller, the amount of TiN increase for coarse , thus completing the reactivity difference between the reaction of TiC and TiN synthesis are relatively much higher than in the thermodynamic equilibrium lowest temperature at which the formulation # 1, the foregoing thermodynamic equilibrium conditions, i.e. the lowest temperature change is not large, so the synthesis of TiN the impact of the actual reaction will not be great.And because the ingredients synthesis reaction is slow, the reaction kinetics on the poor condition of the original, so that the aforementioned conditions change dynamics influence is relatively weak, the results of the gap between the two TiN and TiC synthesis reaction is reduced much,

So the ingredients by 1200 ℃ x lOmin synthesized Ti (Cx, N1-x) solid solution, the amount of TiN is still significantly more heated to 1300 ℃ x lOmin synthesis, the result of coarse, responsiveness weaker,some weak reaction ability of the response to the TiC to TiN ((3) the effects of a type,so the TiN and TiC remains basically the same with a synthetic conditions the yield gap until after 1400 ℃ after xlOmin synthesis, got Ti Cx, N1 – (x) of single-phase solid solution, and the value of x increases. This is because the synthesis temperature has higher reaction (3) to the highest temperature of thermodynamics (see table 2) which has become the reverse reaction, and due to the action at this time at a higher temperature, increase the reaction kinetic energy of the material, so the part of the TiN into a TiC according to (3) the reverse reaction, thus make the synthesis of Ti (Cx, N1 – x) solid solution has a mobile one end to the TiC.

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