Microwave synthesis of carbon titanium nitride Results and discussion(3)

TiN and thermodynamic calculations based on synthetic and synthetic formulas Ti (Cx, N1-x) of the XRD patterns of TiC, synthetic Ti (Cx, N1-x) solid solution may be involved in the process of synthesis and the corresponding equation in 2atmN2 gas bias, bias of balance Teq 0.08atmCO ‘and the equilibrium temperature Teq ” 0.05atmN2 gas 0.08atmCO bias and bias are included in Table 2.

By the calculated data in table 2 shows that due to the synthetic reaction after the completion of all the product of the concentration of the CO in basic remain at around 0.08 ATM,therefore TiC generation rate and equilibrium temperature is basically no impact on the synthesis process but the thermodynamic point of view synthesis TiN and TiC synthesis of the overall reaction ((1) and ((2), due to lower gas Nz bias, so that the combined TiN equilibrium temperature of 934 ℃ 2atm time rose from N2 gas to N2 gas partial bias O.O5atm pressure when 997 ℃, namely the reaction equilibrium temperature difference between the two original 148 ℃ dropped to 86 ℃.If Ti3O5 phase synthesis TiN and TiC transition from reaction through intermediate ((4) and ((5), the temperature difference between the two balance also increased from 166 ℃ reduced to 89 ℃, resulting in the synthesis of TiN and TiC the reaction becomes relatively closer.At the same time, there is also another important factor plays a role similar changes in thermodynamic phase, which is the law of mass action chemical kinetics, namely due to the reduced concentration of N2 gas leaving the reactant concentration, and the result makes TiN production rate decreases, and (3) reaction of TiC to TiN also subsequently slow transition.

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