Microwave synthesis of carbon titanium nitride Results and discussio(2)

For Program (1) and ((2), the thermodynamic minimum reaction temperature was 948 ℃ and 1084 ℃, the minimum gap between the reaction temperature reached 136 ℃, andmicrowave heating TiN and TiC synthesis results also showed high reactivity the formula 2 #s need 1000 ℃ x lOmin and 1200 ℃ x 20min to complete each of TiN and TiC synthesis reaction for low reactivity formula 1 ” were also required above 1300 ℃ heat lOmin or 1400 ℃ x lOmin and 1400 ℃ heat lOmin or above 1500 ℃ x lOmin heat treatment to complete the synthesis reaction. So for the same batching system, synthesis of TiN and TiC data exist obvious reaction temperature difference, or in the same synthetic reaction temperatures, the differences between their respective synthesis reaction rate, and cannot seem to get the requirements of the proportionate Ti (C0.5, N0.5) solid solution.

But in front of the synthetic result has shown that it is possible to get the solid solution, obviously, the reason is that the N2 gas N2 gas concentration on the change of the bias.In the synthesis of Ti (Cx, N1-x) study solid solution, using 0.05atm low bias voltage and the amount of CO from the gas sample is completely reacted concentration level is still essential to maintain the previous synthesis experiment, so, TiC synthesis capability of basic maintenance is not change, but TiN synthesis capability is relatively declined, so the gap between TiN and TiC effect on the synthetic approaches, temperature synthesis reaction closer to a corresponding, thus it is possible to get close to the Ti (C0.5, N0.5) the solid solution.


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