Microwave sintering technology – Two yuan iron-based alloys

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Two yuan iron-based alloys

1999 United States of Roy and other microwave sintering technology among the first successful synthesis of titanium, aluminum, copper, titanium and aluminum, copper and zinc dozens of metal compounds and alloys. Then they use the microwave sintering furnace chamber with additional layers. Also successfully prepared powder metallurgy stainless steel, copper alloy, zinc alloy, tungsten copper alloy and nickel-based superalloys. Sintering the performance part of the binary Fe-based alloys.


Flexural strength prepared by microwave sintering method iron-nickel alloy than 60 percent of high conventional sintering. The successful application of this technology in the metal and alloy powder caused great repercussions in the world. Many scholars continue to develop the technology. Today. The technology has been successfully used to prepare a variety of metals and alloys. And found that sintering material prepared by microwave performance is superior to conventional sintering method of preparation.

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