Microwave sintering technology -Tungsten alloy

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Tungsten alloy:

In the preparation of 92.5W-6.4Ni-1.1Fe alloy during the heating rate in the conventional powder body sintering furnace is 5 ℃ · min, whereas in amicrowave oven. Heating rate can reach 20 ℃ · min. This allows sintering time reduced by about 75%. thus significantly reduced sintering cycle. and effectively inhibited the grain coarsening. In the conventional sintering process. In addition to the coarse grains will Outsider prolonged sintering will result in brittle intermetallic compounds NiW and Fe7W6 tungsten nickel-iron alloy used in microwave sintering of this type is not found among the brittle intermetallic compounds this allows the tensile strength reached 805MPa. higher than the tensile strength of the conventional sintered body (642 MPa), elongation of 11.2%, was higher than the conventional sintered body (3.5%), the sintered body has better the mechanical properties.

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