Microwave sintering technology- Multiple iron-based alloys

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Multiple iron-based alloys:

Metallurgy, iron and copper carbon material with a wide range of uses. Its conventional sintering technology has been quite mature. With the microwave sintering technology development and the development trend of green industry. Preliminary studies have been the beginning of the academic materials using microwave sintering technology of carbon materials, iron and copper. And made some progress. The microstructure of carbon conventional sintering, iron and copper samples mainly by a large number of ferrite, pearlite and very small holes in the composition of various sizes whereas microwave sintering the sample due to the cooling process in the natural cooling rate of between between quenching and slow cooling. the samples can be rapidly cooled to room temperature. makes the sintering hardening appears many granular pearlite.

thus microwave sintering material microstructure mainly ferrite and pearlite flake or granular very small amount of pores. abound pearlite significantly improve the mechanical properties of the material. In addition. Because of the short sintering time. Pore structure of the sample is smaller microwave sintering, shape nearly circular, evenly distributed. Sample density reached 7. 20g ยท cm-3. Visible microwave sintering favor higher relative density.Microwave sintering technology is also widely used in 316I, and 434I, sintered stainless steel preparation time was reduced by 90% while the microwave sintering of stainless steel to prevent coarsening of the microstructure of a more fine and uniform pore distribution.

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