Microwave sintering technology make great breakthrough at refractory material(2)

Langfeng Metallic

  Langfeng Metallic refractory metal on the basis of acidic and neutral refractories disadvantage on the use of technology research and Insignificance sintering a frequency 0,3 300GHz, ie electromagnetic wavelength range within lmm lm. Microwave sintering technology refers to the use of microwave heating method makes powder material up to a certain temperature in order to achieve sintering technology.

Frequency microwave equipment for microwave sintering pyrometallurgical generally 2.45GHz, there is also 28GHz, 60GHz or higher frequencies.Langfeng Metallic microwave sintering technology low cost, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, energy saving, and so fully meet the requirements of high temperature refractory material sintering technology.

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