Microwave sintering technology make great breakthrough at refractory material(1)

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Refractory variety, according to the level of refractoriness is divided into ordinary refractories (1580 ~ 1770 ℃), high-grade refractory (1770 ~ 2000 ℃) and super refractories (2000 ℃ above) According to the chemical properties of refractory materials into acidic, neutral and alkaline refractory refractories. In addition, there are special occasions for refractories. Acidic refractories silicon oxide (SiO2) as the main component, commonly used silica brick and clay.(titanium carbide powder)

Silica brick is containing more than 93% SiO2 siliceous products, raw materials used are silica, silica brick scrap, etc. Acid resistant brick slag erosion ability, but are vulnerable to erosion of basic slag, its high load softening temperature, close to its refractoriness, the volume does not shrink after repeated firing, even slightly inflated.

Neutral refractory main products are: corundum bricks, high alumina bricks, silicon Mo brick, mullite brick, aluminum chrome brick, aluminum carbon brick, graphite or carbon bricks. Poor thermal shock resistance, low load softness. However, due to poor alkali erosion alumina brick, it can not be applied to the conditions of use of the key parts of the complex.

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