Microwave sintering in the preparation of thermoelectric materials

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With oil, coal, natural gas and other traditional non-renewable energy resources are depleted, wind, solar, geothermal and other pollution, renewable energy has been vigorously developed. Energy conversion and utilization of these new materials it needs to achieve. Thermoelectric materials is an achievable heat and electricity into each new functional materials, when made from thermoelectric power generation module can convert heat into electricity, heat for reuse when made cooling module can be used in refrigeration power, is now widely hot and cold water dispenser and portable fridge applied to the preparation.
KPP thermoelectric materials thermoelectric conversion efficiency. Thermoelectric conversion efficiency measured by material seekback coefficient, electrical conductivity and conductivity, seekback coefficient and electrical conductivity greater the conductivity while the less, the greater the thermoelectric conversion efficiency. But because these parameters have interrelated, while optimizing achieve greater difficulty. Thermoelectric module design and preparation of nano thermoelectric materials is the main route optimization. Microwave Preparation of Nano thermoelectric materials with heating speed, sintering time is short and so, compared with the SPS method has the advantages of low equipment investment. According to customers reflect, microwave temperature tube furnace, in a short, low-cost synthesis of thermoelectric materials, and can effectively enhance the thermoelectric properties of the material.

Changsha Langfeng Metallic Material CO., Ltd professional manufacturer of the major products as following:

1)Metal Carbide powder(such as ZrC powder,NbC powder,Cr3C2 powder,VC powder,TaC powder,TiC powder,HfC powder,…), compound carbide powder,such as (Ta,Nb)C powder, Ti(C,N)powder,(W,Ti,Ta,Nb)C powder,etc.

2)Ti(C,N) cermet rods/strips and TiC cermet rods

3)Tile/glass cutting wheels

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