Microwave sintering brief introduction

Coherent electromagnetic waves in the microwave frequency between 0.3~ 300GHz. Since the 1940s, microwave radar, communications, energy,plasma and solid state physics and other fields has been widely used. Microwave sintering materials began in the mid 1960s, Levinson [1] and Tinga [2] first proposed the microwave sintering of ceramic materials the mid-1970s, French Badot and Berteand [3] and the United States Sutton [4], etc. It began a systematic study of microwave sintering technology. After 80 years, a variety of high-performance ceramic and metal-ceramic materials are widely used, the corresponding preparation technology has become the focus of attention. Microwave sintering its energy-saving, time-saving advantage of the unique, extensive attention the United States, Canada, Britain, Japan, Germany and other developed country governments, industry, academia, and China also in 1988 be included in the ” 863″ plan.
So far,the scope of application of microwave sintering technology, sintering process, sintering system optimization design, sintering mechanism and other aspects of the sintering process computer simulation conducted extensive studies [5-9]. This gives the further development of microwave sintering technology to lay a solid theoretical foundation, we have accumulated a wealth of experience for the promotion and application of technology.
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