microwave heating temperature of high power test


In high temperature microwave reactor, the temperature of the material is an important process and control parameters. In microwave power density is relatively low, the shielding case can be used with conventional thermocouple temperature measurement or thermistor resistance wire of high resistance to electromagnetic interference temperature sensor to measure, but the above method in the aspect of continuous temperature measurement, automatic temperature control are not very ideal, and there are still certain electromagnetic interference.

Optical fiber temperature measurement is developed in the 1970 s a new temperature measuring technology, compared with the traditional temperature sensor, optical fiber temperature sensor has some unique advantages, such as electromagnetic interference resistance, resistance to high pressure, such as small volume, light quality, for the high power density of microwave field temperature measurement problem provides a new way. More suitable for the microwave field temperature measurement of basically has the following categories: (1) semiconductor absorption optical fiber temperature sensor Radiant (2) the fluorescence optical fiber temperature sensor (3) fiber liquid crystal temperature sensor (4) fiber optic radiation temperature sensors 5. Contact point sensors. But the current optical fiber temperature sensor is still in the phase of research and development, and because the poor product stability, high cost, limited its application in microwave field temperature measurement.

An infrared radiation intensity infrared thermometer to determine the temperature of the measured object,which is a non-contact measuring instrument and more convenient for measuring the surface temperature of the object ,But infrared thermometers for high temperature microwave reactor temperature limitations exist small field of view, and can not detect the temperature inside the material. In addition, ultrasound can be used in microwave field thermometer temperature measurement. But the ultrasonic thermometer expensive, and needs further research and development.

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