Microwave extraction technology

Microwave atmosphere laboratory furnace (1)

Microwave extraction technology has obvious advantages compared with other extraction technology .As for the chemical solvent extraction method ,it has some shortcoming such as energy consumption, material, time consuming, the bottom of the extraction efficiency, industrial pollution, though the supercritical fluid extraction in a high extraction efficiency greatly,it requires complex equipment, small solvent choice, need high pressure and high voltage equipment solution. And therefor ,the cost of investment is high and the establishment of large-scale extraction production lines are difficulties.

Elevant foreign researchers studied from plant samples the applicability of microwave assisted extraction in a variety of pesticides. In the condition of 10cm microwave irradiation, 50% of the optimum conditions for maximum effectiveness,compared with the conventional supercritical extraction ratio, microwave extraction&rsquo s pesticides recovered effect has no clear effect,But obviously save solvent and time.And can handle multiple samples at the same time. While the study found, microwave extraction of optimal recovery efficiency is related to the extraction temperature, substrate and type of plant samples.According to different samples of different pesticides, adopts the corresponding extraction temperature and time, get higher than the supercritical extraction recovery efficiency ,which is completely feasible.

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