Microwave can promote the sintering of ceramics

LF-HH1512 Industrial Microwave Ashing Furnace and system ashing oven

Microwave can promote the sintering of ceramics, but its micro-mechanism is not clear. Huang Xiangdong et al. Analyzed the effect of microwave on diffusion due to the occurrence of directional movement of charged defects (such as vacancy and interstitial ions) from the microwave electric field. It is pointed out that when microwave sintering the ceramic products, the microwave only promotes the parallel to the electric field And the shrinkage rate parallel to the direction of the electric field is larger than that of the vertical electric field in the direction of the electric field. S.A.Freeman et al. Investigated the charge transport of NaCl in microwave field. The results show that the existence of microwave field does not improve the moving capacity of the original space, but increases the driving force of charge transport. In addition, S.A. Freeman also carried out numerical simulations of the transport of ions in the solid in the microwave field.

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