microwave application in industry

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Industrial application:

Industrial microwave device applications include: food, wood, chemical products, tea, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, paper and other industries for drying, sterilization, reaction sintering, extraction, heating and so on. Application structure: tunnel kiln, tank types.

Food Industry :

Food is, the food industry is the pillar industry of the rapid rise. The use of microwave foods can be dried bacteria, curing, baking, deodorization, expansion and preservation treatment. Has been used for rice, cereals, beans, powdered milk, bags, Lu Cai, meats small package, instant noodles, health tea, cakes, beef jerky, potato chips, dried fish, salted cashews, peanuts, melon seeds, soybeans and many other aspects of the production. My company has an annual production of large amounts of microwave equipment used in the food industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry :

Microwave technology in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly in the following areas: dry sterile powder, granules, flakes, pellets and other pharmaceutical products, mucus-like, fast drying herbal materials, insecticide, sterilization. Herbal extraction, oral sterilization and so on.

Wood Processing:

Microwave for 1-6 cm can be uniformly thick planks, fast drying, dry just 10 minutes, without cracking deformation, while the interior wood kill insects and larvae eggs also available on plywood or glued puzzle the curing and drying bamboo wooden crafts, off mildew, sterilization.

Rubber Industry:

Japan with 2450MHz, 5 ~ 10kw microwave heating equipment tire for a heating temperature to the curing temperature after using hot air heat, can cure 3 to 4 tons weight of the tire US uses 915MHz, 50kw horn antenna as radiant heat to control the use of the program large tire rotation scan, the advantage of uniform heating, the curing time by one-third. Our company has developed microwave equipment vulcanized rubber in the shape, structure, performance, quality and other aspects can be cured and Japan, Germany and other imported equipment comparable.

Insect sterilization:

Insecticidal microwave sterilizable at a lower temperature. Can deal with food, medicines, tobacco, wood, etc., fast heating rate from the material thickness, shape affected.


Sulfur coal in the form of pyrite, pyrite coal has a higher ratio of the loss tangent, and therefore allows the use of microwave heating of pyrite selectivity obtained with the gas generating reaction, desulfurization. The coal is not affected. The method is based on the ideal duration of 0.1 seconds, a pulse wave intermittently heated, the pyrite is heated to a high temperature of 650 ℃. This approach to sulfur effect, without expensive catalysts, save money, high energy efficiency, low environmental pollution.

Microwave Plasma Technology :

Semiconductor manufacturing processes have microwave plasma technique, etching, sputtering, vapor deposition, oxidation of silicon can also be used metals, alloys, non-metal surface treatment for a plasma spectral analysis can detect dozen elements.

Medical treatment:

Biological effects of microwave sub-thermal effects and non-thermal effects. Its thermal effect on health care can be microwave therapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy diathermy cancer also can use microwave heating of plasma, thawing frozen organs also design microwave scalpel, surgery to stop bleeding fast, less bleeding.

Measuring Microwave:

high accuracy, suitable for the production of continuous measurement and automatic control. Has been widely used in distance, temperature, speed and other aspects of thickness measurement. Ceramic sintering Microwave can be uniform densification of ceramic sintering, the maximum temperature of 2000 ℃, get the large size of fine ceramics.

Chemical Industry:

There are a wide range of microwave applications, such as digestion, extraction, hydrolysis, catalyzed reactions in chemistry. Changsha Langfeng Metallic Material CO., Ltd professional manufacturer of the major products as following: 1)Metal Carbide powder(such as ZrC powder,NbC powder,Cr3C2 powder,VC powder,TaC powder,TiC powder,HfC powder,…), compound carbide powder,such as (Ta,Nb)C powder, Ti(C,N)powder,(W,Ti,Ta,Nb)C powder,etc. 2)Ti(C,N) cermet rods/strips and TiC cermet rods 3)Tile/glass cutting wheels

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