Main using steps of steel bond carbide ferro tic rods

using steps

In our experience,plus TiC rods wear parts for your reference:
1)The tic rods do not need be heated before casting.
2)Only suitable for the high manganese steel material’s steel water.
3)The steel water’s casting temperature need increase 60-100 degrees than normal without TIC rods.
4)Before using request deoxy,first, put the TiC rods into Sodium borate ( adding water, sodium borate needs in water saturated state) to soak, then remove and drying, that can be use;-)
5)When the casting operation,need to flat at horizontal for casting.not vertically,need fixed TIC rods on steel first, (we suggest you can use 1pcs length of 2-3cm iron nail, make the iron nail flat side be welding on the TiC rods outside head. Let the iron
nail sharp side exposed outside the mold,then filled with sand. ) And then pouring molten steel, since the density of TiC rod is light than molten steel,the rods unable stick instablity if don’t fix first.
6)Heat treatment after forming,by water toughening treatment with high manganese steel water together.Remark: the best edge distance is about 13-15mm, and inner tic rod with quincuncial piles arrangement at 10-13mm distance.See the photo for your ref.

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