Light planetary ball mill Light

Planetary ball machine for grinding a variety of substances. Glass, wood, ceramics, stone sand is very common substance in life, I believe that a planetary ball mill manufacturer these properties several substances will not feel strange, precisely because of this, we have a planetary ball mill manufacturer specially collected Comparison a small amount of glass fragments, wood, tile fragments, as well as for special Coarse grinding experiment, so that we can effect a planetary ball mill grinding have a general understanding. First, we need to prepare as quickly as possible the four samples, glass and tiles after crushing process we control the particle size less than 15mm, wood chips and grit are not subject to any treatment, the maximum particle size of about 5mm.

To ensure purity (ie glass powder is not contaminated) glass after grinding, we choose health-grinding mill pot polypropylene, polypropylene is a rigid material, it is not only wear cut pure non-toxic, resistant to about 100 ℃ temperature, grinding balls selection of zirconia balls wood more soft and fibrous, we use hard wearing nylon milling jar with zirconia balls to grind tile debris and Coarse we do not consider his purity, so we will These two materials are mixed together with 304 tanks and 304 stainless steel balls stainless steel balls can we planned the material of different materials were poured into each mill pot.

Through this simple test, we can understand a planetary ball mill for brittle, hard materials and soft fibrous material in a short time to achieve good crushing effect, we can improve the grinding time, speed, rotation mode, adjust the ball feed ligands, grinding and milling tank size and the proportion of materials to further enhance the crushing effect of materials, in the future we will release more different materials grinding case available to everyone!


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