langfeng planetary ball mill for iron, chromium powder grinding report

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changsha langfeng metallic material carbide powder,zirconium carbide powder,hafnium carbide powder,vanadium carbide powder planetary ball mill grinding.Metal powders Superfine abrasives aspect, in the end the metallurgical industry has a very wide range of applications, reports this article is the choice made coarse and fine iron chromium powder as a sample grinding experiment. As examples to show the effect of a planetary ball mill grinding of these materials, in order to ensure that the sample good grinding effect, and planetary ball mill grinding the sample does not produce pollution, we must use carbide milling pot, of course, also carbide grinding balls necessary. These two as a grinding container and grinding media, because carbide mill pot has some qualities, such as high hardness, wear resistance, specific gravity and other features, a planetary ball mill for metal, rock and other hard materials with good grinding capacity.

Powders were packed into hard metal milling tank, each mill pot add 3kg carbide grinding balls, grinding balls diameter 8mm and 15mm two specifications, the material and grinding balls after mixing evenly placed to DECO Deco light Planetary mill pot holder, a fixed milling tank after starting the machine starts grinding. We set speed 400r / min, 2 分钟 run alternately positive and negative, of the total grinding time 20min, after the completion of a planetary ball mill grinding automatically stops, remove the mill pot isolated isolated sample and grinding balls and sample size and purity testing; planetary ball mill as Fe / Cu / Al / Cr and other common metals refining or alloying of main equipment through ball feed ratio, speed, reasonable adjustments to the grinding time, to achieve the optimum sample crushing, homogenization and mixing effect on difficult ground to a powder metal material, it can be added using cryogenic grinding and grinding aids, etc. to complete.

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