langfeng metallic introduce planetary ball mill maintenance

► langfeng metallic introduce planetary ball mill maintenance

By understanding before we know the planetary ball mill is mixed, finely ground, sample preparation, nano-material is dispersed as well as new product development and the necessary means small batch of high-tech materials.
Planetary ball mill is widely used in many industries, there is the use of mechanical wear and tear will be, then we have to extend the life of the planetary ball mill, I will maintain it, measures to maintain and how? Planetary ball mill maintenance generally have the following 7:00:

1. bearing shoulder the entire load planetary ball mill machine, so good lubrication of the bearing life has a great relationship, it directly affects the life and the operation rate of machine use, which requires the injection of lubricating oil must be clean, seal must Good, mainly at oiling the machine: (1) Turn bearing (2) roller bearing (3) all gears (4) activities bearings, sliding plane.

2. The newly installed tire prone to loosening must always be checked.

3. Note whether the various parts of the machine is working properly.

4. Note Check the wear of wear parts, pay attention to replacement of worn parts.

5. release the active device chassis plane should avoid activities out dust and other matter bearing on the chassis can not move, so as to cause a serious accident when the machine is not broken material encountered.

6. The bearing temperature rise, should immediately stop check the reason to eliminate them.

7. Turn the gear in operation should be immediately stopped if the impact of sound check and eliminate.

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