Langfeng introduce The history of microwave sintering(2)

Microwave heating SHS is another important aspect to microwave applications. In 1990, the United States at the university of Virginia state R.C.D Alton, first proposed the application of microwave heating in self-propagating high temperature synthesis, and used the technology synthesized TiC of 9 kinds of materials. Then, Britain, Germany and the United States scientists have YBCuO was synthesized using this method, Si3C4, Al2O3 – TiC etc. In 1996, the United States J.K.B echtholt on microwave self-propagating high temperature synthesis ignition process are analyzed in numerical simulation, simulation accurately calculate the ignition timing. In 1999, the United States S.G edevabshvili da grawal and synthesized with the technology such as Ti, Al, Cu – zinc – Al and so on several kind of intermetallic compounds and alloys.
The Pennsylvania state university, Rustum Roy, Dinesh Agrawal, made out of microwave sintering of powder metallurgy stainless steel, copper alloy, tungsten copper alloy and nickel base superalloy. Among them, the rupture modulus of Fe – Ni 60% than conventional sintering preparation. In addition, high magnetic field under the condition of microwave sintering preparation long bone can completely amorphous magnetic materials and make the material (such as NdFeB permanent magnets) has significant hard magnetic properties into a soft magnetic material.
Dielectric loss properties of various materials, along with the change of frequency, temperature and the impurity content, etc, due to the need of automatic control, also need to establish the related database. The principle of microwave sintering also need further research. Because of the selectivity of microwave sintering furnace for products, different products need the parameters of the microwave oven has great difference, therefore, need to invest in the equipment of microwave sintering furnace.The future direction of the microwave sintering equipment is combined with a modular design and computer control.

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