langfeng introduce the history of microwave sintering

Material of microwave vacuum sintering began in the mid 1960 s, W.R.T inga first proposed the ceramic material of microwave sintering technology By the mid – 1970 – s, the French J.C.B adot and A.J.B erteand began to study on system of microwave sintering technology. Since the 1980 s, a variety of high performance ceramics and metal material has been widely applied, and the corresponding preparation technology has become the focus of attention, microwave sintering by its unique advantages of saving energy, saving time by the United States, Japan, Canada, Britain, Germany and other developed countries of the wide attention of government, industry, academia, our country also be included in the ” 863″ program in 1988. During this period, mainly explore and research the theory of microwave, microwave sintering equipment system optimization design and test material sintering process, the dielectric parameters, material and the interaction mechanism of microwave and electromagnetic field and temperature field of the computer numerical simulation, etc., many different types of material sintering.

In the late 1990 s, microwave sintering has entered the stage of industrialization, the United States, Canada, Germany and other developed countries began to small batch production of ceramic products. Among them, the United States has a production capacity of continuous sintering of microwave equipment. Domestic at present also has realized the partial high temperature field experiment and industrialization of industrial development and application of microwave equipment.

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