Langfeng introduce planetary ball barrel wall

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►Langfeng introduce the planetary ball barrel wall

After the planetary ball mill grinding balls from the tube wall, as they do not like a normal planetary ball mill as magic ball in the barrel space for dropping the sport but stuck to the bottom of the barrel rub move, so planetary ball movement was relatively implicated bottom of the barrel , causing a relatively Coriolis acceleration, so in turn causes a relatively additional planetary ball inertia force. Due to the above implicated inertia force, with respect to inertial force, additional inertia force and inertia force and the relative additional planetary ball mill grinding balls and friction cylinder bottom simultaneously, so that the movement of the grinding balls in the barrel is very complex, the exact trajectory strong rolling action and rubbed powder on, more conducive to improving a planetary ball mill is not easy to find, but this complex movement, as well as a planetary ball mill grinding ball movement relative to the cylinder bottom (both are also sliding roll) ability. These are just a single ball on the assumption that the kinematics and dynamics are analyzed, and the movement of the cylinder in fact a number of different-sized balls and milling material to be much more complex, but we still can from the individual above kinematics and dynamics analysis BALLS see the ability to work in high-energy ball mill.

According to the analysis, the planetary mill in the ball not only in general than in the powder mill about ten times higher than the impact force and impact frequency, but also for complex motion in the cylinder bottom intense grind to powder pressure and rubbed, so that the barrel polishing powder in a relatively short period of time to the nanoscale, but with the emergence of nano-powders, many physical and chemical properties of the materials have undergone a fundamental change, thermodynamics and power solid state reaction Learning conditions are different from the performance under normal conditions, some of the solid state reaction is not carried out under the conventional, but it can smoothly under high energy ball milling and often appear artificial diamond synthesis under high temperature and pressure similar to that after a certain grinding breeding.

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