Main Uses of TiC Based Steel Bonded Carbide Rods

Main Uses of TiC Based Steel Bonded Carbide Rods

Parts of the work surface, so that the wear surface of the composite metal wear-resistant parts with excellent wear resistance, non-wear surface with excellent plasticity and impact toughness. TiC-based steel-bonded carbide rod has been successfully used for large jaw plate, rolling mortar wall, broken wall, jaw plate, plate hammer, hammer, vertical grinding disc liner, Effectively reduce the wear of the base of high manganese steel, so that the manufacture of ore crusher jaw and grinding ore powder mill liner, hammer, vertical grinding roller, roller sets, disc and other accessories to improve the service life of more than 2 times Volume and replacement volume significantly reduced. TiC-based steel-bonded carbide rods, with good toughness and wear resistance, with “hard and not brittle, tough and tough”, the main metal components for the titanium carbide, manganese, iron, nickel and other wear-resistant materials smelting And the high temperature performance is good, this alloy block casting in the impact tool, crusher hammer and ball mill liner and other wear-resistant impact.

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