Introduce Wind mill discharge

planetary ball mill machine 2

After the planetary ball mill feed material from the mouth into the ball mill, grinding media and grinding the material for impact, planetary ball mill material gradually moving from the inlet to the outlet of the mill, the outlet end of the duct connection, if the planetary ball mill in the system series of separators, imports separator, dust collector and fan, wind discharge planetary ball mill discharge.

when the wind became operational, a planetary ball mill in the body of material with a relatively low negative pressure, broken after the finely ground the wind from the discharge port into the pipeline system and re-imported into the mill after the separator separating the coarser particles, planetary ball mill can grind the material that has been separated and recovered by the separator.High pressure part is mainly composed of high pressure oil pump, check valve, relief valve, filters, valves and instrumentation monitoring part.

After the high pressure oil pump driven by motor output pressure oil, via check valve to grinding machine Lord bearing surface jacking hollow shaft, forming oil film between the hollow shaft and bush. The role of the overflow valve is produced when the system is overloaded the overflow pressure relief to protect the safe operation of the system.

The pressure controller is used when the system pressure is too high or too low, timely send signals that allow the operator found in time and take measures to maintain normal system pressure.Low pressure part is mainly composed of low pressure oil pump, check valve, relief valve, double barrel type oil filter, shell and tube type oil cooler, ball valve, platinum thermal resistance, the differential transmission and pressure controller, etc. The oil in the low pressure oil pump output one-way valve, oil filter and cooler to mill main bearing. Low pressure oil pump, cooler mouth ball valve and oil outlet valves are open, the bypass and the circulating oil return ball valve closed mouth, make the oil cooler after entering to the lubrication points.

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