Integrated Tool Grinding technology widely application

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In recent years, with the development of mold manufacturing, mold parts of the material itself requirements increase, Superhard tool materials such as CBN (cubic boron nitride), PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tools and new carbide tool is widely adopted, onsumption and later became the tool manufacturers and tool manufacturers mold topics of common concern.
Application integration tool :
According to the International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold research in domestic mold tool material selected by the user, the use of most of carbide cutting tools(tungsten carbide tile cutter wheel,tungsten carbide glass cutting wheel),Accounted for 64.1% . The development of super-hard tools, hard turning positive as an alternative method of grinding and good economy in popularity. Superhard tool usage has been significantly improved, such as the processing of the cylinder block bore the half fine boring and fine boring process a lot on the use of cubic boron nitride blade, cutting speed has reached a new height, The knives’ service life is extended greatly. Indexable tool in the promotion of many years, is progressing well, but the development is still uneven coverage still lower than the overall user tools and welding tools. However, our indexable cutting tool technology has been new progress in the promotion process, the full application of the rapidly growing potential . However, our indexable cutting tool technology has been new progress in the promotion process,the full application of the rapidly growing potential.
Modern mold manufacturing and machining tool technology used in rapid development, High-tech has been widely adopted in the process, cutting mode, tool construction, tool material, tool coatings and other areas have been machined with the past, the traditional big difference.The new tool structure and cutting edge blade with a new and geometry has been continuously research and developed to meet the need for high-speed machining CNC machine tools and tool holder and their connections with the machine, Such as the HSK, shrink fit tool holders and hydraulic knife handle and other new handle is widely available.In order to improve production efficiency and reduce tool change time in processing mold parts in the increasing use of a variety of complex tools, Boring as composite, drilling Reamer composite, drilling and thread processing complex, and other complex tools ,Expansion of the complex structure of the tool to meet a lot of special processing requirements, Some even developed into a machine tool, electrical, fluid integration of devices, has been far beyond the traditional concept of the tool.
Tool consumption characteristics of the mold industry :
In order to achieve lean production mold, Mold enterprise scientifically organizing tool purchasing and inventory management ,Need to study and explore ways to ensure that funds used to reduce inventory tool case of the normal operation of the production line, Minimum purchase starting inventory optimization tool set, tool, reasonable purchase frequency and purchase the bulk of the tool.

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