Installation of carbide compression molding press machine

Installation of carbide compression molding press machine


Zhaohui Liu

2, Chapter II: press test

2-1, Power switch: ON-OFF Turn the power switch on the power board appropriated the ” ON” position (for security reasons, the door was open when the power supply board, do not turn the handle) yellowish ” urgent” indicator lights, then press start, only ” manual control. ”
2-2, Motor rotation: Starting and stopping the motor, check the direction of rotation coincides with the direction indicated by ” arrow” of the motor back. Motor can rotate in opposite directions, otherwise damage to the motor. If the motor is turning in the right direction, consecutive start and stop (jog) motor for a few seconds, the operator should be clear whether the two pumps filled with oil. And make sure that the phenomenon does not appear empty pumping consecutive start motor.
2-3, Pressure gauge: The output of the accumulator pressure gauge operative position toggle button, and see if the control oil pressure has reached about 500 lbs / hr. Only when checking hydraulic control, and then opened the gauge, then appropriated ” CFF” position.
2-4, Control oil system accumulator: Accumulator presses installed in the rear, when the flow requirements, accumulator provides a uniform flow of oil to the compressor control, accumulator filled with nitrogen in the factory. Pressure will rise rapidly until it reaches a predetermined pressure. Then slowly close to the rated pressure control oil system pressure. To facilitate the examination, the accumulator in the oil and clean the entire row unloading must first storage tank mounted on the front of the accumulator unloading valve.

Press ” &mu , R, up” (head up on) button to start the ” bottom up” pressure on head movement. If the head does not move up, then continue to hold down the button while rotating clockwise ” pressure regulating valve” to increase the pressure until the pressure head movement so far. When the pressure on the head of the limit switch cam frame start (LS-1) when the indenter was automatically stop the movement, according to the head and lower punch button, oil-filled to the system. (high speed twist drill,high hardness siutable for make cutting tool)

2-5, Exclusion of air in the system: It is necessary to take full stroke on the head, and the head stopping in order to increase the tonnage. Hold down the ” &mu , R, DOW” (the ram down) button to go on a cylinder full stroke. Then rotate clockwise pressure regulating valve, so the press to about half of the rated tonnage. Columns such as: 60 tons to 30 tons tonnage presses.


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