Installation of carbide compression molding press machine1-1

Installation of carbide compression molding press machine

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1, The first chapter: How to install the Alpha Press

1-1, How to put up the press machine: In order to avoid taking improper discharge of an accident, should pay attention to observe the following installation procedures.

1-2, How to put up 40 tons – 750 tons press Press arrives Alpha shipped are prone press forward and tied with screws on a skateboard. Always follow the recommended procedures press take unloading, on both sides so as not to damage the thin metal plate has electrical and hydraulic device.

1-3, Delivery methods: (40-250 tons) If Alpha press (40 tons -250 tons) without powder hopper, tank cover, and as a filter, electrical plug devices with add-ons can be a full assembly, as a delivery.(we provide all kinds of carbide powder,also have title cutter wheel,glass cutter wheel).

1-4, Delivery method (350 to 750 tons press) Press 350 tons, 500 tons and 750 tons press press two parts shipments, that is the host framework and tank systems. Similarly, all the intermediate connections presses and tank connecting lines and electrical connection devices are shipped separately, hoppers and filters. Add-ons like electrical plug device as well.

1-5, Lifting axis: 40 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons and 125 tons press the ” A” and point ” B” with the lift tank. 250,350 tons, 500 tons and 750 tons on top of the frame and floor presses are equipped with additional lifting trunnion.

1-6, Lifting points: Large tonnage presses with four lifting points with arch upgrade. Need to mention four chains, an overhead crane has sufficient capacity, appropriate space and a forklift. Do not tied with a chain hanging press, but also do not attempt to press when hanging with nylon Shengkun electrical and hydraulic disc tray.

1-7, Lifting the press: Should press unloaded from a truck trailer, the eye bolts and lifting hooks or chains insertion point (see figure), then use overhead cranes and forklifts to press the scroll from the trailer or lift hanging down and on the ground. With two separate hoist the press stand up. The top of the crane hanging presses, forklifts bottom crane, erected after the press onto the skids, so picking slip of wood on the ground. Remove the slide pins removed on wooden skids. Then, as required lift press and placed on the floor or ground pit.

1-8, Press horizontal alignment: Press should mention about 1:00 off the ground. For leveling and filling clay, (we do not advocate deed gasket). If for some reason you do not want to pour cement, the press should be placed directly on the floor. Some companies prefer to land feet screw mounting press, however, here we may not have to.

1-9, Pit installation: The absolute level of the pit or plastic injection should ensure symmetrical ground support installation. In order to avoid unnecessary vibration press. If you do not pit, you need to use an operating platform, the press need to leave space around the 36’s.

1-10, Avoid damage the electrical and hydraulic disc tray: Declined to adopt the method beyond the above range Lifting press. If you have problems upgrading the press, can only be used in nylon lifting belt. Never tied with chains hanging press, but also do not use nylon straps tied electrical and hydraulic disc tray Lifting press, if not keep this warning will result in serious damage, and thus also guarantees failure.

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