Insert failure-Excessive Flank Wear

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Normal wear of any type of material may result in insert failure. Flank wear is the most popular one, because it is the easiest failure type to predict. Flank wear is generally very uniform. Although this abrasive action is a normal part of the machining process, it causes a ” wear land” to appear on the flank of the cutting tool.

When stiff fine inclusions or hardening material in workpeice cut in insert, flank wear occurs. The reasons for this include the chemical reaction of high speed cutting and abrasive wear of low-speed cutting(tungsten glass cutter wheel).

Abrasive wear occurs when hard inclusions of work material or escaped tool particles scratch the flank and workpiece surface as they move across the contact area.

In order to mitigate the normal flank wear, it is important to use the micro-chipping of the hardest insert grades, and the the lightest cutting edge o reduce cutting force and friction.

On the other hand, rapid flank wear will reduce tool life, can not finish 15 minutes of typical cutting time. Cutting wear-resistant materials(Tungsten carbide tile cutter wheel), such as iron, aluminum alloy, superalloy, precipitation hardening (PH) stainless steel after heat treament, beryllium copper alloy and tungsten carbide, as well as in cutting non-metallic materials, such as fiberglass, epoxy resin when reinforced plastics and ceramics, often occur in rapid wear.

Quick flank wear is similar to normal wear. To avoid rapid flank wear, it is important to choose more resistant, harder or coated carbide insert grades, and be sure to use the proper coolant. Reducing the cutting speed is also very effective, but it does not meet the production needs, because this will adversely affect the processing cycle.

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