industry microwave sinter technology research conclusion

Changsha langfeng metallic material advocating green ideas, energy efficiency is the direction of the company, according to the needs of the company’s strategic development, the establishment of an industrial microwave division which is responsible for product development,and production sales.

Research and industrial application of microwave sintering technology although still in early development, but it demonstrated the advantages of conventional sintering technology can not match, indicating that it has a broad development prospects. As a time-saving, energy-saving, labor-saving, pollution-free technology, microwave sintering can meet today’s energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, it has the activated sintering characteristics beneficial to obtain good microstructure to improve the material properties features.The characteristics of microwave and material coupling, the principle can be heated with microwave, which can produce materials with special structure, such as functionally gradient material. With the microwave sintering equipment towards higher power density, automation, intelligent direction of development of microwave sintering technology will become the most promising new generation of sintering technology.

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