Industrial production of microwave ovens and transaction processes

Changsha Lang Feng Metal Materials Co., specializing in the production and sales of industrial microwave. Many buyers of the transaction process and the production process of industrial microwave ovens are very vague, repeatedly asking, today to explain in detail where the process.
Industrial microwave oven production processes:
1, the technical department with customer requirements of the design drawings
2, prepare equipment related accessories
3, cutting workshop
4, assembly and welding
5, microwave tube test
6, parts assembly
7, electrical installation
8, the whole assembly
9, the whole package
Industrial microwave oven transaction process:
1, to provide procurement solutions.
2, sales give a specific offer.
3, signed a cooperation agreement.
4, payment of advances, the workshop began production.
5, payment of the balance due, product packing shipments.
6, the product put into use, one year after-sales service, maintenance of life.
This is Lang Feng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. Changsha processes on the production and trading of industrial microwave oven, if customers have special requirements, can apply to the sales department, hope our customers to know!
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