Industrial Microwave Applications

Industrial Microwave Applications – Producing silicon nitride alloy material by microwave nitride methods
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Silicon nitride, silicon manganese alloy, manganese and iron nitride nitrogen solid solution. Now widely used in the preparation of oriented silicon steel, ultra-high-temperature gas turbines, aircraft engines, turbine blades and heat exchangers. Silicon nitride which has a high temperature thermal stability, Ke Ang thermal shock resistance, thermal shock resistance, chemical stability, good electrical insulation properties and so on. Manganese steel desulfurization plays in effect, can eliminate or reduce the heat caused by brittle due to sulfur, which can improve the performance of the thermal processing of steel Meanwhile manganese can refine and improve the strength of pearlite grain pearlite steels, and improve the steel hardenability.

Conventional silicon manganese produced using vacuum resistance furnace, the process is the raw material after milling, briquetting, at 870 ~ 1370 ℃, prepared by a nitrogen atmosphere, nitrogen-containing product is about 26%. Shortcomings of the conventional method in that the material of the nitridation time long, and therefore high energy consumption.

Microwave push plate kiln or shuttle kiln temperature microwave and microwave nitriding process can be relatively short period of time in heating the material to heat up, shorten the production cycle, while saving energy In addition, the experience can be obtained by microwave technology for nitriding reaction promoted, and therefore increased the nitrogen content of the product.

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