How to mill hss twist drill?(1)

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Twist for machining, it is a commonly used drilling tool. Structure is simple, but it not an easy thing to have a really good sharpening. The key is to master the methods and techniques of well sharpening. The means to acquire, the problem will be solved. changsha langfeng  introduce the manual sharpening skill of the hss twist twist.
Twist angle is generally 118 ° , it can also be viewed as 120 ° . There are a few main tips you should master about sharpening drill :
1, Blade should be placed equally with the grinding wheel surface.

Before milling the drill, first, drill main cutting edge and the wheel surface should be placed in a horizontal plane, that is to ensure the entire blade must be ground when the contact edge grinding wheel surface. This is the first step between the relative position and the wheel, the position was placed well, and then slowly to the surface of the wheel.
2, Bit axis with the grinding wheel surface inclined angle 60 °

This point of view is the front angle drill, then it will directly affect the size of the drill angle and the shape of the main cutting edge and chisel edge bevel if the angle is wrong. Here is the location of the drill axis and the relationship between the wheel surface, it&rsquo s okay to take 60 ° , this angle is generally more possible to see potential. Here we must note before sharpening drill horizontal position and the relative angular position, both to balanced, not to settle the edge while ignoring gracefully ° , or to settle gracefully angle while ignoring the edge.
3, the edge grinding back later.

After contact with the wheel edge, from the main cutting edge to the back ground, that is, from the bit of edge first came into contact with the wheel, and then slow down the mill along the entire flank. Contact drill gently cut the wheel, the first for a relatively small amount of sharpening, and to observe the uniformity of spark, timely adjustment of the hands of pressure, but also pay attention to cooling the drill bit, not be allowed to wear too much, causing discoloration edge , and to the edge annealing. Find edge temperature is high, the drill must be promptly cooled.

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