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After selecting planetary mill manufacturers,began to host a planetary ball mill selection.Here we are in our planetary ball mill to give you the next demonstration. Selection planetary ball Help:

1. Model Description: XQM- (4 tank total volume) Example: XQM-4: total volume 4L, can hold four one-liter jar mill planetary ball mill therefore according to the amount of time required for the grinding of material to choose what type of equipment

2. Select the milling tank: Milling pot main material: stainless steel, agate, corundum, tungsten carbide, nylon, zirconia, PTFE, polyurethane liner and the like Selection principle is that ball mill pot material on the grinding material without pollution does not affect appearanceGrinding easily oxidized, materials must be from the air, you can choose a vacuum ball milling tanks

3. Ball selection:Grinding Ball are: chrome steel, stainless steel, agate, alumina, zirconia, and the like Selection principle is the first grinding ball material on the grinding material without pollution does not affect appearance ball density and hardness of the material must be larger than the abrasive material milling specifications are: &Phi 5, &Phi 8, &Phi 10, &Phi 20 The ball ratio: Milling efficiency depends on the level with the ball (large and small, much less), sample properties and grain size, weight, speed,and whether operation mode with the right mix.

For best results,usually large and small balls should be used with. Ball to balance and smashing sample and scattered small ball, ball samples used for mixing and grinding. Above is we share some of the ideas of how to buy a planetary ball mill,we hope to bring you some help.

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