How to choose a diamond coated tools


Like any other tool, stone chisel life vary, depending on the material being cut, the choice of the cutting speed and feed rate, and the geometric shape of the work piece and the like. In general, the processing of graphite diamond-coated cutting tool(cnc cutting tools) life is 10-20 times uncoated carbide tools, possibly even longer in some cases. This can be done with a tool almost any machining task due to tool wear and tool change without the need to avoid the disruption and re-calibration process, making it possible to achieve unattended processing. In the processing of composite materials, it is also entirely possible to get longer tool life.

Diamond coating spalling can prevent flaking of the coating is a serious problem of diamond coated tools, but also a common problem (especially when machining materials like carbon fiber), will lead to unpredictable tool life. The late 1990s, the chemical properties of the interface is determined to be an important factor affecting the diamond coating adhesion properties. By choosing the good compatibility Carbide chemical properties, the use of appropriate pretreatment technology and reasonable deposition reaction conditions, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the diamond coating flaking stably smooth wear pattern. Under the microscope normal wear diamond coated tools(taper shank twist drill bit ) can be found, the diamond was worn until stable carbide substrate, without the occurrence of chipping or peeling.

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