how to buy a high quality planetary ball mill

►changsha langfeng metallic material introduce how to recognize the quality of ball mill and how to buy a high quality planetary ball mill

Quality is good or bad planetary ball mill is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1: Speed ​​is important for a planetary ball goal, not the faster the speed, the more finely milled, pulverized to make the sample and ensure efficiency, should adjust the appropriate speed, frequency control system provides speed planetary ball mill 10-850r / min rate in the range of control, sensitive speed control capability allows grinding more diverse and more efficient.

2: planetary ball mill can achieve positive running, reverse running, running alternately forward and reverse, intermittent operation (ie stop running make samples sink to the bottom, continue to grind cooling after a certain time, and so forth) three operating mode, with the speed and time can be adjusted sample can promote a better milling.

3: resistance to fatigue is reflected in a planetary ball mill planetary ball mill uninterrupted operation of the ultra-long and in good condition, DECO Deco planetary ball mill in speed is greater than 600r / min, the maximum load under mill pot more than 48 hours of continuous operation without generating device temperature, shaking, abnormal sound or other abnormal conditions

4: The sample was ground to obtain consistency and repeatability are key indicators to judge the performance of a planetary ball mill, consistency is the same sample, under the same grinding condition, results of two cans or four cans of grind exactly the same, is the same repetitive kinds of samples, under the same grinding condition, repeatedly repeating abrasive grinding results exactly.

5: to ensure low vibration device depends on the internal steel planetary ball mill selection, use thicker steel plates and structural steel with a solid weight of the equipment also increased, so that a planetary ball mill operation vibration and noise greatly reduced.

6: belts, gear noise is the main part of the planetary ball mill noise operation, the choice is made through a special process of silencing gear, and adjust the backlash, keeping well lubricated gear planetary ball mill can effectively reduce the noise.

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