Highly recommend Compound carbide powder in ultra low Fe (Fe≤0.03%)

Langfeng Metallic

Through strict control of raw materials and the continuous adjustment process, the company has been able to stabilize production of ultra-low-iron double/compound carbide powder (Fe&le 0.03%), will provide a strong material foundation and improve your alloy products.

We know that, in the cemented carbide product(Titanium carbide cermet rods), Fe plays bad effect:

First, due to the ration of C atom radius and Fe atomic radius near 0.59, C could be solut the carbon in the iron solvent in both the substitution solid solutions have interstitial solid solution, therefore, is very strong carbon absorption of iron. This will result in the presence of local non-equilibrium carbon alloy, making the alloy variants, embrittlement.

Second, there is cause abnormal iron alloy structure. Since iron and tungsten carbide hard phase of the wettability is poor, and a solid solution of iron and cobalt can be formed infinite, and thus, the structure of the iron carbide is undoubtedly weaken the impurity phase of cobalt and the hard phase wettability.

Third, due to the presence of iron, can cause transaction magnetic alloy, cobalt magnetic measurements, enabling us to accurately determine the magnetic alloy, cobalt magnetic difficult.

Because of the bad influence of iron carbide, carbide developed countries and high levels of domestic manufacturers are the raw material of iron have strictly controlled. To this end, I would strongly recommend that you double-ultra-low iron carbide, welcome your company to try and use.

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