high speed twist drill adjustment method and process test

High speed twist drill Adjustment method:

According to the inner cone grinding principle, on the M6020 tool grinder machine tool adjustment. The bonded grinding wheel on the connector, through the joint installed on the grinding wheel spindle, on the left side of the machine table with rotary table, rotary workstation installation dividing head, dividing head installed three jaw chuck. Grinding parameter adjustment: by adjusting the rotation of the rotary table to the axis of the three jaw chuck and workbench longitudinal direction of feed Angle as the phi, rotating wheel frame adjustment of grinding wheel spindle axis position, make the grinding wheel inner cone of busbar is consistent with the machine table the direction of the longitudinal feed, grinding wheel spindle axis with an Angle of theta, three jaw chuck axis fixed wheel half cone Angle, lift wheel plane grinding wheel axis and the three jaw chuck axis contour.

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