High energy planetary ball mill ultrafine powder detection method and expression method


Mesh frequency energy powder mill, is 100 mesh and 100 mesh minus any difference?

High energy-conversion planetary ball mill powder material size detection using a variety of methods sieving, sedimentation method, resistance method, laser method, electron microscopy method. Frequency mill Each method has its own characteristics, the test results may vary. For fine-grained or specific gravity smaller particles, the test results after the three ways more reliable.

For example, we typically process a maximum particle size of about 15 ~ 20&mu m products, although these types of instruments to measure differences in the results, but the difference is not great. If measured by the sedimentation method may produce large measurement error. Groups usually consists of a large number of particles of different sizes of particles.

Divided into several stages according to particle size, showing the relative amounts of each series of particles, called differential distribution shown less than the total amount of a series of particles, called cumulative distribution.

Planetary ball milling the maximum particle size is a particle size distribution curve of the equivalent diameter of the largest particle. The average particle diameter in the cumulative particle size distribution curve for the maximum particle distribution of 50% of the equivalent diameter. D90 particle diameter, D95 diameter, D98 is the particle size distribution curve, respectively, of a cumulative distribution of 90%, 95%, equivalent to 98% of the diameter of the largest particle.

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