Guideline of Preparation Cemented Carbide Mixing Powder

Guideline of Preparation Cemented Carbide Mixing Powder

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I. main raw material

1.1 The main raw materials: WC, Co, Ni, Cr3C2, Cr, Mo, TaC, carbon black, block material.

1.2 The main auxiliary materials: stearic acid, paraffin, ethane, Yisuo Min.

2 major equipment and industrial equipment

2.1 Major equipment: cranes, rolling ball mill, mixing mill, hydraulic station, double cone vacuum dryer, homogenization machine, electric furnace melting wax, shaker, vacuum packing machines, wiping the screen, diaphragm pumps, spiral mixers.

2.2 The main industrial equipment: scales, scales, electronic scales, stainless steel shovel, rake material, ingredients barrel, funnel, carts, loading trucks, copper wrench, explosion pliers, screwdriver, steel ruler, copper mesh, non-sparking wooden hammer, unloading drums, hook.

3 Job quality requirements

3.1 post belongs to fire and explosion prevention jobs, the job should strictly abide by safety technology of a variety of devices and wet mill safety technology.

3.2 jobs must strictly process timely and based on the process parameters, process requirements. Ingredients wet grinding process parameters see Appendix A.

3.3 chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties of various mixing powder shall comply with Q / ZYK001 ” carbide grade” internal control standards or interim regulations.

3.4 mix of mobility and compressing performance meet the requirements of repression.

4 steps and requirements

4.1 Health and Sanitation

4.1.1 Do wear good clothes, safety shoes, dust masks, rubber gloves and other protective clothing before entry the job site.

4.1.2 Check the crane is in good condition, operating handle without plastic wrap is not allowed. beat, hit is prohibited, wet milling room must use explosion-proof tools.

4.1.3 keep site clean after mixing the ingredients no materials left on the floor or desktop, tools and instruments should be promptly cleaned after the run, keep the drums, industrial equipment neatly.

4.1.4 clean up the site after loading, unloading and distributing ingredients clean equipment, keep floors (including ball mill area, dryer area, homogenizing machine area) no slurry, no water, no debris, no powder tools and instruments should be cleaned after use, without residual slurry, ladders, platforms, racks should be kept clean, industrial equipment neatly.

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