Guideline of Cemented Carbide Package

Guideline of Cemented Carbide Package

Langfeng Metallic

I. Main raw material:

1.1 The main raw material: various grades of products, package box, cards with trademarks

1.2 The main auxiliary materials: woodencase, foam, paper, nails, transparent plastic.

2 major equipment and industrial equipment :

2.1 Major industrial equipment: electronic scales, scales, hammer, pliers.

3. Job quality requirements:

3.1 Depending on the product, using different methods and appropriate packaging.

3.2 Content shown in the cards and trademarks labled outside should be compliant with the quality certificates and products, and with legible handwriting, and correct content.

3.3 carbide powder product packaging should be compact to avoid damages caused by collapse during transportation.

4. Operation steps and cautions:

4.1 based on ” after the transfer of production of single” Check the consistency of grades, items with the quality certificate based on the Manufacturing Transferring Menu, transfer the goods for package, classify the goods according to the grades and items, fill in the &ldquo handbook of package received&rdquo . Cautions: dump the goods to avoid breakage. Handle with care when transferring and stacking products, no more than 10 boxes stacked, to prevent the collapse to break the products or hurt personnel.

4.2 Based on quality certificate, fill with the card or trademarks labeled outside. Process requirements: calibrate before weighing scales, the weight will be recorded by round off. Cautions: ① fill in a card with legible writting, correct and complete content ② Finish package after weighing.

4.3 According to the weight and size of the product, select the appropriate packaging. Cautions: ①Put rods and profiles into carton box, and fill the space with scraps of paper: hammer with a wooden box, fix hammers with the corresponding size of the bubble customers&rsquo packages are available. ②Goods with same grades and different grades are not allowed to be in the same package.

4.4 after products into the packing box, carefully check the consistency with inside labels and outside labels, and then put in the quality certificate, along with a clear plastic adhesive tapes sealed around the carton box.. nail wooden box, fill in the outside labels. Cautions: internal and external identity must be consistent.

4.5 Checking the outer card, outer marks are consistent with the content of packaging products. Cautions: The grades and items shown in the card must be consistent with the packaged product.

4.6 Check and put packaged products stacked in the specified place. Fill in the ” Packaging original records.”

4.7 Put the products in stock, timely fill ” Hand book of goods to be sent out.” 4.8 Clean the job site.

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