Grid type planetary ball mill(2)


When the planetary ball mill turning and grinding medium in a centrifugal force and the lining board face to cylinder under the action of friction, attached with the cylinder body wall lining board face, together with the cylinder, and taken to a certain height, free fall under gravity, whereabouts of grinding medium, like a projectile impact at the bottom of the material to material. Grinding medium rise and fall of circular movement is cyclical.produce sliding and rolling, thus grinding body, between the lining and material grinding effect, make the material of ground.

Due to new material feeding end continuously feeding and discharging the difference in between the material surface can force, material flow and grinding medium when falling impact material produce axial thrust force also material flow, airflow in grinding movement also help material flow. Therefore, although mill barrel is placed, but the material can be made by feeding end slowly flow to the discharge end, finish grinding homework.

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