Grid type planetary ball mill


The planet type ball mill machine grid plate is installed at the discharge end, composed of several pieces of fan-shaped orifice of the planet type ball mill parts, its Bi – 20 mm hole width is 7 mm, ore through Bi hole into the planet type ball mill within the space between the grating and end cover, and then by the planetary ball mill for plate lifting material, material along the planetary ball mill for plate down, again after tapered block and to the right to the planet type ball mill hollow shaft neck eduction closed.
The main part of the planetary ball mill is mounted on a bearing and placed two large horizontal rotary cylinder,cylinder with every storehouse board into several bin, in each compartment is equipped with a certain shape and size of grinding medium. Grinding medium is commonly steel ball, steel forging, steel rods, pebbles, gravel and porcelain ball and so on. In order to prevent cylinder frayed, containing in the cylinder liner.

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