End Mill Application and Technical Features



End mills are used for producing precision shapes and holes on Milling or Turning machine. The correct selection and use of end milling cutters is paramount with either machining centers or lathes. End mill are available in a variety of design styles and materials.

The successful application of end mill depends on how well the tool is held(supported) by the tool holder. To achieve best results an end mill must be mounted concentric in a tool holder.The end mill can be selected for the following basic processes:

1: face milling: for small face areas, of relatively shallow depth of cut. The surface finish produced can be &ldquo scratchy&rdquo

2: keyway production: normally two separate end mils are required to produce a quality keyway

3: woodruff keyways: normally produced with a single cutter, in a straight plunge operation

4: specialty cutting: includes milling of tapered surfaces, &ldquo T&rdquo shaped slots & dovetail production

5: finish profiling: to finish the inside/outside shape on a part with a parallel side wall 6: cavity die work: generally involves plunging and finish cutting of pockets in die steel. Cavity work requires the production of three dimensional shapes. A ball type end mill is used for the finishing cutter with this application.

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