Effect of a planetary ball mill productivity factor

Planetary ball mill is mainly applied to the mix, finely ground, sample preparation, nano materials and lax, new product development, small batch production of high-tech. Planetary ball mill, a turntable, usually equipped with four milling tank, when the turntable is rotated around the rotary axis milling tank will be revolution. At the same time, but also around its own axis milling tank rotation, as planetary motion, so it is called ” a planetary ball mill.” Its main function is to bring crushing, grinding, dispersing metals, non-metallic, organic, herbal powders, etc., especially for laboratories. As a research use, very good. Tell us how it works, the use of abrasive grinding tank and the sample in the high-speed rolling, the material produces a strong shear, impact, crush achieve crushing, grinding, dispersing, emulsifying purpose materials.

Planetary ball mill speed directly affects the movement of the stone in a ball mill situation. Grinding effect at the time of grinding ball mill cylinder rotates, the ball and the cylinder wall and the onset of friction material and carom effect reachable. When speed is too slow, the ball sliding down the stone rise is not another job, destroy the effect is small. When the speed is too fast, the grinding media can be attached to the inner wall of the mill along with the rotation, the abrasive material suspended. When the speed of its fitness ball can with material along the tube wall must rise to the height of the force of gravity when it is equal to the centrifugal force, the grinding media along the trajectory parabola whereabouts carom in the material sphere or below, then the material subject to maximum impact and grinding effect, undermine the highest power.

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