Dry mill vibration safety technology

Dry mill vibration safety technology
Langfeng Metallic

1、 Before the operation to put on work clothes, work shoes, wear gloves and a dust mask.

2、 Should be carefully checked before starting the equipment properly, the screws are loose.

3、 Began to send cooling water, cooling water may not start if there is no equipment.

4、 First test run after the boot, before being confirmed no abnormalities after loading.

5、Start the motor should be gradually transferred to the high speed at low speed.

6、 During the operation should concentrate, always check equipment operation, abnormal timely manner.

7、 The device is not parked on the device platform is prohibited.

8、 Do not use without protective cover or shield unstable dry mill.

9、 Cut off the power supply should be shut down after use.

10、To clean the device class and field sanitation, should be required to maintain a clean, industrial equipment, materials and other display. Langfeng Metallic professional manufacturer of the cermet rods,ZrC powder,NbC powder,Cr3C2 powder,VC powder,TaC powder,TiC powder,HfC powder,…), compound carbide powder and cutter wheels.

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