cutting tool failure-Crater

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In general, the problem known as cratering could refer to any wear that is caused by the workpiece material interacting with the insert&rsquo s rake face. The most well-known cratering involves a chemical reaction between a steel workpiece and a Titanium-based carbide tool, in which carbon out of the rake face dissolves into the chip. However, cratering might also be caused by the abrasive action of the chip across the rake face, as when cast iron is cut at high speeds.

The danger of cratering is that the cutting edge(tungsten tile cutter tool)often remains intact. The tool can keep cutting relatively well until it fails unexpectedly and catastrophically.

The possible solutions involve protecting the rake face. They include:

Reduce the speed to reduce the cutting edge temperature.

Reduce the feed rate to reduce the stress on the insert.

Select a coated grade to protect the rake face.

Change geometry to reduce the force that is directed to the rake face

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