cutter tool problem-Micro-chipping

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Micro-chipping caused from the astable mechanical properties, usually caused by loose fixture, bad or wearing bear, processing materials with hard spots or intermittent cutting. This phenomenon is sometimes appear in unexpected places, such as porous PM materials. Cutting materials (tungsten glass cutter wheel)contained in hard surface inclusions and interrupted cuts will lead to local stress concentration and may result in chipping.

In this failure mode, the chip distribution along the insert cutting edge(tungsten tile cutter wheel)    is very obvious. Ensure that the machine is reasonable setup, minimize bending, use abrasive inserts, control and use of toughness BUE better insert grades and / or stronger cutting edge geometry will prevent the occurrence of micro-chipping.

Potential solutions include:

Select a grade with higher mechanical shock resistance&mdash that is, higher toughness.

Increase the lead angle to produce a thinner chip and greater shearing action.

Improve system rigidity. This might involve improving the stability of the setup or improving.

how well the machine is maintained.

Increase the hone size for increased edge strength

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