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Changsha langfeng metallic material advocating green ideas, energy efficiency is the development direction of the company, according to the needs of the company’s strategic development, the establishment of an industrial microwave division, drill division, each responsible for product development, production and sales.

changsha langfeng
find that Microwave generator in a microwave sintering furnace to replace the traditional heat source, it is compared with the conventional technique, it belongs to two different heating methods. Microwave dielectric heating, chemical raw materials, once placed in a microwave electric field in which the polar molecules and non-polar molecules caused polarization becomes even molecules. In accordance with the direction of orientation of the electric field, as the field belongs to the alternating electric field, the dipoles will change with the electric field caused by the rotation and vibration, such as frequency of 2.45GHz, with 2.4 billion 50 million times per second, rotation and vibration, resulting in similar to the effect of friction between the molecules, so as to absorb the energy of the electric field to generate heat, the heat generation becomes the object itself. When heated in a conventional manner, ignition ignited always starting from the sample surface, burning spread from the surface to the inside of the sample finalized sintering reaction.

While the use of microwave radiation, the situation is different. Because microwave has a strong ability to penetrate deep into the interior of the sample, first the center of the sample temperature rises rapidly to reach the ignition point and trigger combustion synthesis. Sintering waves propagate radially outward from the inside, which makes almost the entire sample is uniformly heated, finalized sintering reaction. Microwave ignition ignite resulting in a sample temperature gradient (dT, dt) is much smaller than conventional ignition. That spreadmicrowave sintering process of sintering wave much more uniform than conventional heating methods.

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