changsha langfeng microwave sintering principle

Changsha langfeng metallic material microwave sintering experiment,Diffusion and drift are analyzed contribution to the vacancy migration. Type of J for vacancy mobility, D for the diffusion coefficient, N for the vacancy concentration, concentration gradient, e for space electric charge, as the electric field intensity e, k for the Boltzman constant, T is the absolute temperature. Analysis shows that have quality, and the electromagnetic force of high temperature microwave field on crystal (ponderomotive force) contribution to the plastic deformation, can be used to produce the same equivalent stress of the plastic deformation rate, said:


P for effective pressure of N0 for space equilibrium concentration.
1) when the frequency of high frequency electric field (GS for crystal surface conductivity, dielectric constant), the maximum pressure for effective field


in the items in brackets for electric field in the crystal surface of normal weight.
2) at the time


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