changsha langfeng microwave sintering principle

The medium parameters and microwave frequency, electric field intensity data such as in (1) ~ (4), can estimate the caused by grain surface normal electric field component betweenPa, its value is equal to the capillary force produced by sintering process. The tangential electric field component of have a mass of grain plastic deformation caused by the electromagnetic force, the equivalent of 107 pa the effect of mechanical stress.

So that the space by the electric field intensity area of low flow field intensity higher area. Freeman, etc. [25] was analyzed by using the numerical method of microwave field on NaCl crystal with quality, and the electromagnetic force between about Newton (PMF), and in the microwave sintering of the early and mid – mass transfer driving force of about 10 to 16 and 10 to 18. It is clear that PMF and they have the same order of magnitude.

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