changsha langfeng metallic material Microwave sintering Research Status

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changsha langfeng metallic material
introduce the pinciple of microwave sintering

Industry vaccum Microwave and radio, infrared and visible light is electromagnetic waves, only the microwave is a kind of high frequency electromagnetic wave, the frequency range of 0.3 ~ 300 GHZ, wavelength of 1 mm ~ 1 m. Microwave heating technology is dated from the second world war, when the United States is responsible for the maintenance of radar engineers often find chocolate will melt in the pocket, just realized that electromagnetic waves for material has the effect of heating, drying, thus raises the study of the technology. Microwave sintering is a kind of new method of material sintering process, compared with the conventional sintering, it has the heating speed, high efficiency, high heating efficiency and safety and hygiene pollution-free characteristics, and can improve the uniformity of the product and yield, improve the microstructure and properties of sintered materials. In the 21st century, as people to the attention of the nano materials research, the technology in the preparation of nano block metal materials and nano ceramic has great potential, the technique is known as ” the 21st century a new generation of sintering technology” .

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